40, From Ashes

Sunday, May 21th

The car looked like fire.

“My dad gave it to me for my birthday,” he said, standing in front of the Inferno Red 1973 Pontiac Trans Am. A black phoenix lay painted on the hood spreading its wings in a tall flaming arc, each feather outlined with yellow pin stripes—each flicker giving off heat.

39, Yes

Saturday afternoon/evening, May 20th

Waiting slows time. Reaching the WSU campus I walked to Mary Sue’s dorm, entered the lobby… and… waited… not… knowing… when… she’d… show… up…. Sitting in a yellow plastic chair I fidgeted while watching students stare, looking at my sleeping bag and worn clothes, hair not washed for who knows how long. So I sat, feeling like a chair-mounted museum oddity.

38, Death & Porn

Saturday morning, May 20th

Death Alley stuck as a nickname given to a ten-mile stretch of Highway 8 separating the University of Idaho and Washington State University. The road remained the same on both sides of the state line, but not the drinking age. Until 1987 the drinking age in Idaho stayed steady at nineteen, but in Washington it hovered at twenty-one. That difference created a vacuum, pulling students across the border each night to Moscow. Getting to Idaho presented no problem; the road earned its nickname when they tried to return.

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