Copywriting and Marketing

In the samples below I developed the concept for each piece and wrote the copy for all of them. For several I also served as the art director.



Journalism (long form)


Alaska Magazine, February 2013, feature article

I pitched this story to the magazine to commemorate the anniversary of a disaster. They also accepted a couple photos I took. The magazine’s circulation is 250,000.  A Deadly Year, Alaska Magazine


Personnel Journal

Journalism - feature articleI wrote this for Boeing to gain visibility in the human resources labor pool, as the HR function at the company needed more staff. I wrote about a large system implementation and the training process for users. This positioned the company as conducting cutting edge employee training, something HR professionals use as a gauge when making a decision to join a company.







Boeing News lead article

journalism long formBoeing News is the weekly corporate-wide newspaper for the company.









Work Literary Magazine, November 2013

If you like a little dark humor, this may fit your taste. You Don’t Have a Problem Do You?





Collateral for a new customer kit, Cable TV Guide — Viacom

copywriting Viacom sampleThis is my first paid copywriting piece, back when I was but a sparkling freshman at the University of Washington. (Dated? Oh yeah.) But the crisp copy still highlights the key benefits and presents the product clearly.




Hardware/Software Solution — World Wide Packets, Inc.

Copywriting - WWP brochure exampleAlong with writing the copy for this piece, I created the full product line branding (LightningEdge). I made sure the benefit statements were clear and prominent in all collateral. My background includes writing for many types of offerings that involve software and/or hardware.




Establishing Credibility for a Startup — North American Morpho Systems

copywriting - brochure using PR articlesThis piece leveraged PR success with brochure creation. I contacted media to generate press coverage, and then included clips of the articles in the corporate brochure. This was intended to validate that the company was established in the market. As you can see, the page contains no copy: I let the articles make the point.




Sales Training Documentation — Compaq Computer Corp.

copywriting sales training material - CompaqThis is from a four-page brochure I designed after attending a class taught by the Sales Research Institute. The full document gives Sales staff a quick product overview, competitive positioning, overcoming objections, and where to get more information—all in four pages. The sales force really liked these since they took less than 15 minutes to read. THIS IS A TEST








Instilling a Sense of Urgency — World Wide Packets, Inc.

Race ad - color1This company was a start-up and we needed customers to enter the sales funnel, now. I was the marketing director, which in this case mean I was also the copywriter and art director, for a series of trade ads showing our target customers couldn’t delay installing our products. This ad was also blown up and hung in the employee lunchroom to remind staff that we too were in a race.







Repairing a Brand Using an Emotional Connection — Boeing Co.

Boeing 737 magazine adSeveral Boeing 737s had been involved in high profile crashes, and the company needed to burnish the plane’s image. I was the marketing communications manager for the product line and I created several ads designed to connect emotionally and make the reader feel good about the plane. The series ran in travel magazines.







Integrating Online and Offline Promotions — Inspiration Software

ad copywriting servicesFor this educational software I interviewed several staff members and a teacher to clarify the primary benefits. While producing the magazine ad, I project managed the backend supporting the 30-day free download. Of course I tracked downloads, and, where possible, associated downloads with revenue.








Public Relations

Integrating with PR activities is also noted in some of the above pieces.



Press Kit FAQ — Microsoft

public relations servicesThis FAQ was part of a media pack supporting a new product introduction. I was the lead PR Account Manager for the VisiualStudio launch. This FAQ is but one deliverable I produced for this launch.








Press Release for a New Young Adult Book — Inkwater Press

press release writingThis is a more lighthearted B2C piece and shows my versatility beyond only B2B and technical topics. I sent this to book reviewers to get them to request a copy of the book for review purposes. (Most reviewers do not want books sent to them without first being requested.)







Ghostwriting an Article and Pitching it to Trade Press — North American MORPHO

PR expertI pitched a story to The Police Chief magazine saying it would be written by the sheriff of Pierce County, WA. In it he would be describing a new fingerprinting system his department just installed. This installation represented MORPHO’s first customer, and the company needed to get this story promoted. Of course before contacting the editor I persuaded the sheriff we should move forward with this article and he agreed. This sample shows the second half of the article, which prominently features the product, and on the right side of the page is a case study I wrote.





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