21, Impluse

Monday, April 24th – Friday

Later that day, after another swim, daydreaming of what the unknown night might hold with Sophie, I noticed a belt buckle in a shop display window. The buckle glistened large and round, engraved with a sloop, sails full, heeled over and booming through the water. I popped in to take a closer look and asked the owner about it. She placed the buckle on top of a glass case, then walked toward the back of the store to help another customer. While she busied herself in back, I turned the buckle in my hands, admiring the details of the mast’s rigging. It reminded me of racing on my grandfather’s boat; of family vacations sailing between the San Juan Islands; steadying a hard weather helm and staying on course; dreams a future with a sailboat and the will to explore. I wanted the buckle.

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