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Halyard: Any of various lines or tackles for hoisting a sail into position for use.


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Welcome to Halyard Press, an independent press created to publish and promote books that help people explore their spiritual lives.

As a new press, we have one book published, Asphalt Asylum, Hitchhiking the Pathways of Change. This tells the story of a young man’s journey from atheism to entertaining the possibility there is more to life than science can measure. This takes place while he’s hitchhiking 7,000 miles alone. Check out more about Asphalt Asylum.

We have no motto or catchy tag line, but we have a guiding principle—be of service. This gets us outside of ourselves and reminds us that humility isn’t thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less. We’re not affiliated with any sect or denomination; that’s your side of the street.

More books are in the works, but we have no idea where this journey will lead. There are plenty of clichés that describe the boundless potential of the future; we just try to keep moving forward. Feel free to join us.

At Halyard Press, we also work to promote and strengthen various charities local to us, particularly those that teach people how to prepare healthy foods at minimal cost, and those that help establish stable living environments. Here is a brief list of organizations local to us that can always use help in accomplishing their missions. Maybe you can offer some help. Maybe you need some.

HomePlate Youth Services:  HomePlate is Washington County’s (OR) only drop-in center and outreach team designed to support and empower youth experiencing housing instability. In 2013 they served 983 youth, with the help of 700+ volunteers, a staff of 5.0 FTE, and over $300,000 in in-kind donations such as hygiene supplies, clothes, space, time, and donated food. HomePlate is proud to meet youth where they are in order to provide meaningful support and opportunities for growth.

Community Warehouse:  Mission: To help vulnerable populations improve the quality of their lives and become self-sufficient by providing them with basic household furnishings.

Community Warehouse has been collecting and distributing donated furniture and household items since 2001. Community Warehouse is the only full-service furniture bank in the Portland metro area. In the last three years alone, Community Warehouse has provided essential furniture and household items to more than 22,000 low-income people. After visiting Community Warehouse, recipients have enough furniture, beds, kitchen items, and linens to create a safe and stable home and allow them to devote their time and resources to meeting other needs such as employment assistance, health care, or food.

Tualatin Valley Gleaners:  Mission: To provide food, aid and other assistance to the low-income, disabled, children and elderly in the Tualatin Valley, Oregon area.

Tualatin Valley Gleaners is a supplemental food program serving the greater Washington County Area, made up of low-income members of the community working together in collaboration to promote food security for all. The TVG incorporated in 2005 and began their mission of providing a stable way for families in need to access quality nutritious foods on a weekly basis.


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