What readers are saying…

 “My favorite thing about Asphalt Asylum was the REALNESS. No artificial puffed-up philosophies or lyrical writing for writing’s sake. Every word in this book mattered, and it was fantastic.” – Sherri Holstad


“This book helped me look at humanity in a new light. The way the varied experiences influenced his life, and how he let others share with him let me see his travels like I was there. “  on 



“A great read. “Wild” move over.” – Ron Talney, Poet


“Scary, funny, cruel and enormously kind, this story runs the gamut of situations and emotions, staying convincingly real…” – Sheila Deeth


“What excites me about a well-written memoir (and this is a very well-written memoir) is when, as I read the writer’s story, I learn as much about myself as I do about the writer.”  – Ann Farley

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