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After twenty-five years as a marketing writer I have written Asphalt Asylum, a memoir of a life-changing journey.


I come from humble beginnings as a technical writer, producing software manuals, functional specs, and other page turners. Luckily, I didn’t spend my career writing those. Over the years I’ve written speeches for Gordon Bethune (former CEO of Continental Airlines), news articles, magazine feature stories,  international print ads, press releases, brochures and much more. I’ve even had the opportunity to act as a company spokesperson on media outlets such as CNN, the BBC, NPR, and other acronyms.


In addition to the corporate writing, I’ve won first place in the Oregon Writers Colony short story contest and my work has appeared in The Timberline Review, Personnel Journal, The Seattle Review and a number of metro papers, including The Seattle Times, The Spokesman Review, and WORK Literary Magazine.


fishing the Bering SeaAs an eighteen year-old I plunked myself on the MV Malaspina, sailing the Inside Passage to Alaska. The ensuing years found me acting as a crewman delivering sailboats between the Hawaiian Islands, living deep in the Cascade mountains without electricity or running water, sailing across the Pacific, spending winters on the Bering Sea crab fishing and engaging in other adventures/misadventures. I didn’t squander my youth on responsibility.

Today, Beaverton, Oregon is home. My two sons and daughter are hardly kids any longer. After more than twenty-five years of marriage to Sheila, I’m still thankful everyday.



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