Experience the Charity, Horrors & Wonders of Hitchhiking 7,000 Miles — Alone

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I didn’t squander my youth on responsibility.

That phrase came to me in 1978 as I leaned over a pool table in a subterranean pub while lining up a shot. Several months before that shot I’d returned from a hitchhiking  trek that began with no destination, no timeframe, and no self-respect. But the charity, horrors and wonders I experienced changed me forever.

Hop in; let’s go for a ride.


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“Every word in this book mattered, and it was fantastic… No BS. No apologies. No shame. No preaching. Just the story. Steve Theme is as good as the big named memoirists. Believable and raw and readable and absorbing.”

—Sherri Bobzien/Holstad, author, Tuna on Toast, Sister Clotildis, UFOs and Other Things I Survived: Growing up in the 70s in Portland. Sherri’s site


Wild, move over.”

—Ron Talney, poet/author. The City of Portland (OR) chose Ron’s poem “Portlandia” to dedicate the Portlandia statue. His poem is written on a bronze plaque downtown that will last 100 years. (How cool is that!) Oregon Poetic Voices


“An easy read that makes you think about your own life.”

 —Ryan, a guy on Amazon, Here


5 Star Review!

St. Augustine Record


Wow! You’ve hit the perfect balance of pacing, detail, and plot arc; description and action; narrative and dialect.

–Ali McCart, Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Event Coordinator


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